Parts reconditioning

Repairs (reconditioning) of compressor pistons, cylinder rods, pump plungers. Reconditioning of shafts. Reconditioning of machine parts.

Reconditioning is performed by applying high-hardness coatings and/or corrosion-resistant coatings (so-called metal spraying). The applied material is fed to a spray gun in the form of wire, where, as a result of combustion of gas mixtures, it is melted and sprayed onto the reconditioned workpiece. By metal spraying we are able to restore the nominal dimensions of the reconditioned part. It should be noted that during the process the base material is partially melted and the sprayed coating is adhesively attached to the base.
–  The second offered method of reconditioning  is technical chrome plating.
Repairs of sealing plates and sealing and cutting knives. Reconditioning of such equipment consists in surfacing of defects (including defects in aluminium), finishing machining, and if need be, also applying of Teflon coating. Reconditioning of the very layer of Teflon consists in its complete removal and application of a new layer.

Reconditioning of workpieces’ surfaces by surfacing or stelliting. Selection of appropriate materials for surfacing for the reconditioned workpiece may e.g. increase its corrosion resistance, hardness or impact strength, which in turn enhances its life.